Hibachi Buffet Near Me Now

Hibachi Buffet Near Me Now

Hibachi Buffet Near Me NowAll Japanese-cuisine lovers will definitely very happy with the concept of “buffet” restaurant. This restaurant has the concept of serving the guests themselves from many choices of dishes which are served on a sideboard or long table and paying a certain price to eat and drink as much as they like. The food served in the buffet restaurant is usually varied, ranging from appetizers, main meals, complementary dishes, and desserts. The food served is also fresh and delicious. The high-quality ingredients will even taste splendid if they are served in hibachi style.

Do you want to eat hibachi dishes as much as you want with friends or relatives? Here’s a list of “hibachi buffet near me now” that you should try.


The all you can eat restaurant with the concept of Japanese food has no end. Almost everyone is familiar with Japanese foods such as shabu-shabu and Japanese grill. That is why Pare’gu becomes one of the most popular Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Jakarta. The choice of meat in this place is quite a lot, which you can freely choose to meet your taste. The meat itself is also marinated with fresh spices and herbs in so that visitors do not need to bother mixing spices. Or, if you want to grill the meat without having any spices added, it will taste good, too.

There are also various choices of menus, like shabu-shabu, tom yum soup, rib soup, tempura, various satay, and dessert. If you are a Japanese-culinary lover, then you are obliged to come here. This restaurant is located on Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No.27 Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. Do you want to book a table? You can call (021) 7238938.

Shabu Ghin

For you lovers of shabu-shabu dishes, you must visit Shabu Ghin, a restaurant located on Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 53, Senopati, South Jakarta (021) 21889061. Besides its friendly price, this restaurant also has 4 types of meat that are worth trying like special Wagyu, Wagyu beef, premium beef, and special beef.

Not only meat, but the choice of soup offered is also quite diverse, such as the chicken mizutaki, original konbu, spicy seafood, spicy tonyu, sukiyaki, and the special one ‘secret’ soup which only appears in certain seasons. For those who are curious to taste the hibachi buffer menu in this restaurant, you must prepare a budget of around 300 thousand rupiahs for two visitors.

Kobe-shi by Shabu-shabu House

Speaking of buffet restaurant concept, Kobe-shi is one of the best that you should try. Located in Pondok Indah Mall, South Jakarta, this restaurant is the main choice for those who love to enjoy the originality of Japanese dishes. With only 100 up to 200 thousand rupiahs, you can enjoy the steak and the buffet, which is guaranteed to make you feel content and smile happily. You can make a reservation by calling (021) 29529777.


Shaburi shabu-shabu is one of many restaurants that carries the concept of Japanese style which has spread across 16 points in Jakarta and Surabaya. With a relatively affordable price, you can choose 4 types of special meat levels, namely special Wagyu, shaburi wagyu, special beef shabu, and beef shabu.

Besides being able to taste all you can eat menus, you can also enjoy buffet menus such as Japanese fried snacks and some other foods, as well as free flow drinks and ice cream. If you are curious, you can visit the nearest Shaburi restaurant like at Pacific Place Mall, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta and don’t forget to prepare a budget of around Rp. 600,000 for two visitors.

Yakinikuya BBQ Tokyo

As the name suggests, it’s predictable that the main menu or signature dish sold in this restaurant is the Japanese BBQ. The location is in Dharmawangsa Square, South Jakarta (021) 72788372. The price is very affordable, but the taste of its dishes can compete well with the other expensive all you can eat Japanese restaurants.

Here, you are allowed to watch the grilling process of the meat you have ordered, so that you can also witness the chef’s outstanding grilling skills when they are preparing the special dish for you. As we know, “hibachi-style” refers to grilling technique using such a small and portable BBQ grill which is usually made from iron. You can either use charcoal or electric grill to heat the meat and side dishes.

Nanaban Tei

This Japanese restaurant located in Sarinah Thamrin is really recommended. This restaurant is always crowded, especially on weekends. The price is also quite affordable for the classy all you can eat restaurant. There is a wide range of menu being served here, such as various meat dished, soups, vegetables, seafood, salads, pizzas, sushi, cakes and many kinds of desserts. That is why it is very reasonable to include this restaurant to the list of the best hibachi buffet near me now. The opening hour of this restaurant is at 11.00 – 15.00 and 17.00 – 22.00. If you want to reserve a table, you can call (021) 3159131.


The next recommended hibachi buffet near me now is Yuraku. It is clear that this restaurant is a Japanese restaurant, but Yuraku is different from the other ordinary Japanese restaurants. Here, not only can you order the ordinary Japanese food such as dim sum and shabu-shabu, but you can also find spaghetti which is also served in Japanese style. You can enjoy the appetizing foods by paying 125 thousand rupiahs.

If you want to eat at Yuraku, you can simply go to Kelapa Gading or Summarecon Mall, Jakarta. You will find that this restaurant is unique and tempting. It also serves only the best and the freshest ingredients that can stimulate your appetite.


The next worth trying Japanese restaurant is Hanamasa. Here, you can enjoy the best quality beef which is guaranteed to make you addicted when eating it. In addition to various meats, Hanamasa also provides a variety of fresh drinks including fruit juices, milkshakes, tea, and coffee. The price that you have to pay if you want to enjoy the buffet menu here is around 250 thousand rupiahs per person. This restaurant is situated on Jalan Mahakam I No. 166, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

After seeing the recommendations of “hibachi buffet near me now” above, surely you can’t wait to taste the menus offered, can you? Now rather than just feeling curious, you can go directly to one of those restaurants and enjoy the splendid dishes!

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