6 Top Restaurants of Thai Food San Mateo el Camino

6 Top Restaurants of Thai Food San Mateo el Camino

 Restaurants of Thai Food San Mateo el Camino6 Top Restaurants of Thai Food San Mateo el Camino – Undeniably, Thai foods have very typical but delicious tastes that you may really love. It is reasonable then if many of the food hunters always include them on the list of the menu that must be tried and enjoyed.

The foods from Thailand tend to have a very unique taste due to the ingredients that are unique as well. Some of them even cannot be simply found in other areas outside Thailand. Some of the rare ingredients are Kapi; made from fermented shrimps and salt, Khrueang Kaeng; a kind of curry paste, Pla Ra; a kind of sauce paste made from fishes, and still many more.

Although it is not impossible for you to cook the Thai cuisines by yourself, you can enjoy them faster by coming to San Mateo el Camino. There are some Thai restaurants with the best and the most original tastes. What are they?

Charm Thai Eatery –  Restaurants of Thai Food San Mateo el Camino

The first place that provides the Thai Food San Mateo el Camino is Charm Thai Eatery. With the ingredients directly coming from their original country, this restaurant makes sure that the customers will enjoy the real taste of Thai cuisines.

Some featured foods available are the Spring Rolls, Thai Dumpling, and Prawns in a Blanket, Pan Fried Bread with Green Curry, and more. Despite that main menu, it also has special salads and soups like Papaya Salad, Yum Moo Yang, Tom Yum Tom Kha, Yellow Curry, and so forth.

So, how can you enjoy the foods from this Thai Food San Mateo el Camino? The location is at 1428 El Camino Real San Mateo, CA 94402. For ordering, it is available via phone at (650) 212-3444.

Thai Tamarind Restaurant

The motto of this restaurant is being the real delicacies of Asia. Well, it seems that it is not nonsense. In fact, the management just makes this restaurant a perfect place to try the real taste of Asia particularly Thai. More than that, the services are also excellent as well as the prices offered are relatively affordable.

There are some menus that are claimed to be the most favorites for the customers. What are they? They are the Fried Shrimp Rolls, Prawns with Tamarind Sauce, Bangkok Salad, and the green curry chicken. Besides, some other typical menus of Thailand are the Larb Salad, Pla Gong, Yum Woon Seen, Tom Kha, Tom Yum, and many more.

It is not difficult to find the location of this Thai Food San Mateo el Camino. You can just go to Thai Tamarind Restaurant, 1316 El Camino Real Belmont, CA 94002. For order and catering, connect to this restaurant via phone at (650) 591 9888.

Sirayvah Organic Thai

Do you want to enjoy the specialties from Thailand while still being healthy? There is no other choice except a restaurant Thai Food San Matei el Camino namely Sirayvah Organic Thai. Just like the name, the ingredients used in the menu are guaranteed to be healthy. Meanwhile, the vegetarian menu is not only in the form of vegetables but also the special noodles and fried rice.

Some other kinds of cuisines available are Crispy Vegetarian Rolls, Summer Rolls, Chicken Satai, Som Tum, Larb Salmon and Tuna, and still many more. for the beverages, it provides some organic teas including Mutan White Tea, Sencha Japanese Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Chrysanthemum and Rose Buds Tea, and so on.

If you want to try the foods, you can go to Sirayvah Organic Thai that is located at 366 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA 94070. It is possible also for online order via its official website as well as the phone at (650) 637-1500.

Ou Tong

From the name only, it is indeed so Thai. This Thai food San Mateo el Camino serves you some special Thai cuisines as well as they are guaranteed to be original. In fact, Thai menu is indeed no simple and the chef here tries to give the customers the best.

So, what are to be enjoyed in Ou Tong anyway? Fascinatingly, this restaurant provides so many foods even those that are probably not really popular outside Thailand. Well, if you have heard about chicken satay and fresh rolls, there are also Kang Karie Gai, Honey Chicken, Tom Yum Kung, Calamari Fitters, Yum Green Beans, Beef Mussaman, and more.

Ou Tong restaurant is located at 121 W 25th Ave San Mateo, CA 9440. For the phone number, it is at (650) 578 9211.

Ipoh Garden

Okay, this is basically a Malaysian restaurant. It can even be seen from the name only, Ipoh that refers to one of the states of Malaysia. Interestingly, some menu available in this restaurant is originally from Thailand. Or, they are the combinations of Malaysian foods with some other cuisines around including from Thailand. So, it seems reasonable to include Ipoh Garden in the list of Thai Food San Mateo el Camino you need to visit.

So, what are the foods available in this restaurant that are considered as the Thai? They are chicken satay, beef satay, spring rolls, Tom Yam Seafood soup, seafood and seaweed soup, Laksa mee, and still many more. For the beverages you can enjoy the drinks and juices from tropical fruits like the fresh young coconut and Rambutan juice.

Well, if you are interested to enjoy the foods from Thailand and Malaysia at once, make sure to go to this restaurant. The address is 100 el Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030 USA. For order and catering, the phone number is (650) 487 8737.

Siam Taste

Well, Siam Taste is not exactly in the San Mateo indeed but it is quite close to the area anyway. There are traditional and contemporary Thailand is available to meet your taste and expectations. Of course, even all the ingredients are coming from the Asian country to maintain the original tastes.

The menu to enjoy while being or ordering in Siam Taste is various. Some of them are basically the same as any other Thai food restaurants including the Chicken Satay and fried rolls. Meanwhile, there are some other unique cuisines in the list including the Ginger Catfish Fried Rice, Gang Leang, Hot and Sour Seafood Soup, Coconut Thai Pudding, and still many more.

This Thai Food San Mateo el Camino is at 172 South Murphy Avenue, CA 94086. Meanwhile, contact it also by phone at (408) 245 8585.


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