6 Best Restaurants with the Unlimited Sushi near Me

6 Best Restaurants with the Unlimited Sushi near Me

6 Best Restaurants with the Unlimited Sushi near MeWhere is the restaurant that provides the unlimited sushi near me? Talking about the Japanese Cuisines, it seems that they cannot be simply separated from this one. Yes, it is sushi. Even it can be said that sushi is the Japanese culinary icon.

The dishes are commonly and originally served with the raw meats. But some chefs have made some innovations to make sushi can also be enjoyed with the cooked ones. Besides, this Japanese food has also been combined with any other international foods. Now, you can find that sushi tends to have various shapes, toppers, and tastes.

In the US, there are so many Japanese restaurants that provide sushi. Of course, not all of them are the best. If you ask for the recommendations, where are the best restaurants that provide the unlimited sushi around? Here they are.

Sushi Unlimited – Restaurants with the Unlimited Sushi near Me

The first unlimited sushi near me is located in Davis, California. Just like the name, you can enjoy so many pieces of sushi until you feel that your belly has been full. Despite it is focused on the taste that is indeed really delicious, the way to serve them is also very attractive. This restaurant indeed provides sushi with raw meats as the toppers. But interestingly, it is very suitable in our taste.

Sushi Unlimited has some categories of menu including the appetizers, special dishes, side dishes, and more. Then, there are some cuisines considered as the popular ones among the customers. They are sushis with Kalbi, pepper fin, scallop balls, and sea steak. Aside from that, there is also menu for the vegetarians including the Avokyu, Inari Roll, Moon Light Special, and Veggie Roll.

So, are you interested to enjoy the sushi in this restaurant? Just visit 620 W Covell Blvd #B, Davis, CA, 95616 from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm. Contact also Sushi Unlimited via phone at (530) 758 4560.


If you want to taste the delicious sushi as well as feel the neighborhood atmosphere of Japan, this one is a good idea. It is Yuka, a Japanese restaurant in New York City. It provides numerous Japanese cuisines including the sushi, salad, soup, edamame, gyoza, shumai, tempura, teriyaki, and many more.

For the sushi itself, there are some options available whether you want to choose the regular size or the combo ones. Of course, the combo sushi offers you more pieces to be eaten with family and friends. Even only some pieces of sushi here, it is enough to make your stomach feel full. Sure, the taste is very delicious also.

This unlimited sushi near me restaurant is located at 1557 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028. Be sure also to take a note of its phone number at (212) 772 9675.

All You Can Eat

For you who live in Las Vegas and some other areas around. Make sure to try the great taste of sushi by All You Can Eat restaurant. Interestingly, the price to pay to eat all of those sushis is also very cheap. It is reasonable if so many people are coming even from any other areas just to enjoy the Japanese foods here.

The sushi is available in many variants of sizes, tastes, filling, and toppers. For you who cannot eat the raw fishes, some of them are served after being cooked. Meanwhile, some of the menu are also especially for the vegetarians and those people who are in their diet programs.

So, where you can find this unlimited sushi near me? It is located at 3049 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109. For orders and catering, the phone number is (909) 910 6937.

Watami Sushi All You Can Eat

Watami Sushi restaurant offers the “All You Can Eat” program for you who want to eat the sushi unlimitedly. Actually, this restaurant is for all kinds of Japanese foods including tempura, edamame, soups, salads, teriyaki, and more. But for you the sushi lovers, this “All You Can Eat” for sushi must feel more special.

To enjoy the sushi, you can enter a room with patio seating and a spacious table where the sushi is placed there. Them, you can eat all of them in lower price. Aside from the delicious menu, this sushi restaurant makes sure that you can find the best services. Besides, there is also a list of the menu for the vegetarians and those people with a diet program.

The address of Watami Sushi is at 10625 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN 46236 and it opens daily at 11.00 am. Meanwhile, the phone number of this unlimited sushi near me is (317) 855 3635.

Sushi Shack All You Can Eat Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Sushi Shack is a restaurant that is specialized in the sushi menu. The sushi provides here is varied in term of sizes, shapes, filling, toppers, spices, sauces, and many more. So, you can just choose one of them that you really love the most. Interestingly, some types of sushi are only filled in by the vegetables for you who are vegetarians.

Well, if you want to enjoy the unlimited sushi, just join this program. There is a spot that offers sushi and some other Japanese foods in a large amount. This is known also as the “All You Can Eat” special program. The setting up is very comfortable. When you pick a sushi, the others will not be disturbed.

So, where is to enjoy this restaurant with the unlimited sushi near me? The address is at 3291 Independence Pkwy, Plano, TX 75075. It opens at 11.00 am and make sure to call for orders at (469) 782 0160.

Sakura Nami Japanese Restaurant

Slightly, this restaurant is indeed high class with all the arrangements and decorations. But fascinatingly, it also offers a program to enable you to eat larger but spend less. Yes, this is the “All You Can Eat” program especially for sushi.

The sushi rolls available here are various whether you like the traditional or the contemporary sushi. To enjoy it, there is the Happy Hour available. Meanwhile, the entire restaurant opens at 11.30 am just before your lunch time.

Sakura Nami is located at 439 Ogden Ave, Clarendon Hills, IL 60514. For orders in this unlimited sushi near me, the phone number is (630) 230 0100.

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