The Best Hibachi Express near Me Menu

The Best Hibachi Express near Me Menu

The Best Hibachi Express near Me MenuHibachi Express Near Me Menu – it is not exaggerating to say that Japanese foods and restaurants are now well-known all around the world. Initially, the Japanese menu is indeed considered as weird for some people in western society. Well, not all of us may want to eat something the raw fishes. Interestingly, the Japanese chefs are able to show us that such a weird menu can also be really tasty and delicious.

The most popular cooking process in Japanese menu is by using Hibachi. What is Hibachi? It actually can be defined as a traditional heating device from Japan that consists of a round and cylindrical bowl without any cap. Then, it is based by a layer where the burning charcoal is taken place. In this modern day, Hibachi is produced in many shapes and forms. There are even some devices in which the bowl and the layer are unified.

In English, Hibachi often means “grilling” although the process is relatively different. However, the results are almost similar. Besides, there are some other cooking processes that can be done using Hibachi; they are boiling and even baking.

Japanese Menu with Hibachi

Before talking about the restaurants with Hibachi express near me menu? It seems important to discuss the menu made by Hibachi at first. It is very good since almost all foods basically can be cooked using this device. The foods are even not only the Japanese foods but also the foreign ones.

Despite being known as the tool and the process of cooking, Hibachi also means the names of the foods themselves. If you notice well, the Hibachi express near me menu commonly offers things like Hibachi Chicken, Hibachi Shrimp, Hibachi Squid, Hibachi Vegetable, and many more. Yes, those foods can be described as the grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, and the others. Sure, the spices used for the menu are different from the grilled foods popular in the western society.

Foreign and Fusion Menu with Hibachi

As the traditional foods of Japan are now known all around the world, there are many international chefs tried to cook their own recipes using Hibachi. Some of them even combine the traditional Japanese foods with other tastes from America, Italia, French, China, and so on. The results are incredible.

If you combine Hibachi and Malayan menu together, as an example, there is the tasty Hibachi fried rice or Hibachi Balado Chicken. Meanwhile, there is also the Italian menu like Pizza or Spaghetti that is grilled using this traditional cooking tool.

The Best Restaurants near Me with Hibachi Menu

Maybe, you have a plan to cook your own foods using Hibachi. This is a really good idea for sure. But if you look for something fast like the Hibachi express near me, some restaurants below are highly recommended.

  • Aburiya Kinnosuke

Slightly, this is indeed just like other common Japanese restaurants. However, it offers you something different. There is a particular Hibachi process applied here namely Robata. Therefore, the cooking process is done on the table where the customers’ seat around for the best Hibachi express near me menu.

Some featured menu from Aburiya Kinnosuke is some types of Sashimi, grilled washu beef, and the simmered black cod. To enjoy the entire menu, you can go to 213 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017. Besides, make sure to contact it at +1 212-867-5454.

  • Don’s Bogam BBQ and Wine Bar

New York City also has Don’s Bogam BBQ and Wine Bar. This restaurant also brings out the Asian taste, but it is not particularly for the Japanese menu. Don’s Bogam is for you who love the Korean cuisine. Even the interior of the restaurant is also made in the traditional Korean style.

Similar to Aburiya Kinnosuke, there is the Hibachi cooking method right on the table of the customers. This way you can just wait the cooking process and then eat the foods immediately. The menu offered including Kkaenip Bulgogi, Kimchi Bulgogi, Galbi Dolsot, Maeun Jeyuk Buchu, and many more. Besides, enjoy also the traditional wine of Korean. To enjoy the Hibachi Express near me menu, you can go to 17 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016 or call at +1 212-683-2200.

  • Lena Brava

Chicago has Lena Brava. Well, although the cooking process adapts the Hibachi method, this restaurant doesn’t serve any Japanese or any other Asian foods. Uniquely, Lena Brava is all about the delicious Mexican cuisines including the Black Cod al Pastor, Braised Short Rib, Octopus Carnites, and more. Meanwhile, it also provides you with cocktails and many other beverages.

If you are interested in the Hibachi menu with the Mexican taste, make sure to go to this restaurant. The address is 900 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607. Besides, for ordering, call the restaurant at +1 312-733-1975.

  • Benihana

Next, Benihana is another place to provide the Hibachi Express near me menu. This restaurant still maintains its root; the Japanese menu but also it combines the menu with some others coming from any other areas in the world. It has many kinds of sushi, sashimi, steak, teppanyaki, and other cuisines made by Hibachi. Meanwhile, there are also numerous options for the beverages whether they contain alcohol or not.

So, where is to enjoy the cuisines from Benihana? It has some locations but the most popular one is at 21500 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 900, Aventura, Florida, 33180 and 47 W 56th St, New York, NY10019. For the phone number, they are + 1407-239-7400 and +1 212-581-0930.

  • BellyQ

Lastly, it is BellyQ that provides the best contemporary Asian cuisines. The menu with Hibachi grills is still the main focus here. The menu, uniquely, is mostly the combination of two or more traditional menus at once. Well, have you heard foods namely Chilled ramen Noodle Salad Tostada or Sizzling Ko-Rican Chicken? BellyQ is the one that has it.

To enjoy all the uniqueness, be sure to go to 1400 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60697 or make a call at +1 312-563-1010 for one of the best Hibachi Express near me menu.

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